Uni-Golfteam Lüneburg

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English, please!

So you’re about to spend some time in Lüneburg as an exchange student or a freemover? Great, make sure to bring your clubs, too! That way you can make sure that you can enjoy all the good things we have to offer:

  • Drop by for one of our training sessions.
  • Get to know other students that are addicted to golf.
  • Play a tournament abroad that does count towards your handicap.
  • Team up with other students for a private round.

Sure, there’s a lot more to go for, but doesn’t that already sound really appealing? Well, just drop us an email (that’s ) and we’ll make sure that – at least in terms of golf – your time abroad will be a fantastic one. We are looking forward to seeing you!

You want more details – right here, right now?

Well, here we go with a selection of activities we organise, and you are very welcome to join in. Almost all of them take place at Schloss Lüdersburg which is our home golf course. It’s just about twenty minutes by car from the university, and it’s really worth the ride.


That’s for beginners.

Swing a club, hit a ball and get addicted: that’s the Schnupperkurs in a nutshell. It’s for those of you who haven’t played any golf so far and would like to change this here and now (and probably forever).


That’s for those with a bit of experience.

We have a very cool agreement with Peter Dolan, our Pro (that’s short for “professional”, so he knows what he’s talking about) at Schloss Lüdersburg. But the details of it change more often than we update this page, so let’s put it this way: there are training sessions and you are absolutely welcome. Just check with us for the current courses.


That’s for people with handicap 54 or better. Yeah, and a membership in an official golf club, right.

Now we’re talking. That’s really the hot stuff to thrive for. We organise the Studententeller (monthly from March to October) and the Student Masters (big thing, summer, www.studentmsters.de). Both tournaments count towards your handicap, both are huge fun and both are looking forward to welcoming you on the course. Leuphana Cup (autumn) and Nikolausturnier (winter) won’t have an effect on your handicap, but it’s just the same fun. It really is. Please check with us for dates of upcoming events and we’ll make sure you don’t miss that nasty registration deadline.

Where We Play

Our home course is Schloss Lüdersburg. You can check it out online or live and in colour with us. The site offers two grand 18-hole courses as well as a public course and comprehensive training facilities. Did we mention the cool clubhouse? No? Well, there’s a cool clubhouse, too.

The Money Issue

So what’s the price tag? Well, that really depends on what you’d like to do, when you’d like to do it and how many balls you will lose while you’re doing it. A Schnupperkurs normally comes for as much as 5 to 10 EUR. A tournament will be a bit more, assuming that you’re not a member of one of the local clubs. So you’d have to pay the greenfee, but you’re used to that, aren’t you? Around here, the price for 18 holes usually is something between 20 and 40 EUR. But don’t forget: playing with the Uni-Golfteam Lüneburg is in fact priceless.

So, to borrow some lines from Thank you for Smoking (2005): It’s “cool, available and addictive. The job is almost done for us.” And on that bombshell it’s time to quit reading and start playing. Tell us you’re coming. Tell us you’ve arrived. And we’ll make sure you’ll never want to leave again. Promised. You bet.

See you, à bientôt och vi ses!